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My POS Data is a web-based, centralized reporting system for a restaurant company’s POS data. It provides access to detailed, consolidated reporting for all locations from any computer with a broadband internet connection.

Why Should You Choose My POS Data Over Other Vendors?
Most POS vendors offer a ‘feature rich’ centralized reporting tool, and most companies have this need. However, a high percentage of these companies only require basic centralized reporting services. Additionally, there are those companies who would like some specialized reports, but they do not have the resources or time to develop any custom reporting. So, instead of offering a product that is full of unused or un-needed features, we offer a product that has the features that the majority of companies actually use, including a base set of reports. We then offer the ability to add or customize the basic reports to meet any specific reporting needs that a customer requires*.  Our pricing is extremely aggressive compared to other similar functioning products currently available.

System Features

  • Centralized multi-unit POS reporting in multiple formats (.PDF, .XLS, .DOC, .CSV, .HTML)
  • Scheduled e-mail reports
  • Customizable alerts and text reporting
  • Smartphone reporting app
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Report grouping
  • Data export
  • ODBC access to your data
  • Ability to purchase additional custom reports
  • Easy to administer

How does it work?

It all starts with the client software running on each location’s restaurant POS server.  This client is a small application set up to transfer data at various intervals throughout the day.  You have full control over how frequently the data is delivered to the server.  The data is sent to the server, using secure FTP over a broadband internet connection, and then loaded into a MySQL database.  Once there, use our simple and easy to navigate interface to compile and filter the data you want.

* Customization of the base reports is included in the initial setup of the site.  Any further customizations, or development of new reports, will be charged on an hourly basis.  

Sample Reports (select to view)

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